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NABIC Valves

Safety Valve Selector

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Group of NABIC Valves


  1. The results are based on the values that you have entered in the selector fields.
  2. If you have any queries please contact Technical.
  3. Minimum size safety valve for a hot water boiler is DN20.
  4. NABIC safety valves are suitable for use on diesel oil when used with a viton seat seal.
  5. Vented is the same as unpressurised, unvented is the same as pressurised.
  6. For hot water storage calorifiers use hot water tank.
  7. Fig 500T is only suitable for use on unvented hot water systems.
  8. Pressure range for Fig 500 series is 0.35 to 12.5 bar.
  9. Pressure range for Fig 542 series is 0.28 to 10.5 bar